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Dry Carpet Cleaning in London

When you are in need of an emergency cleaning, or if you have had your carpets or upholstery professionally cleaned, but simply need them maintained in between aggressive treatments, you need dry carpet cleaning and dry upholstery cleaning. This technique is perfect for cleaning delicate fabrics which do not hold up well under normal, steam or deep carpet cleaning treatment. Manufacturers suggest dry carpet cleaning for light stains, delicate fabrics, maintenance cleaning or light cleaning before special events. The advantage to this process is the low moisture requirements, which means you can use your carpets soon after treatment. For the most affordable and reliable dry carpet cleaning in London, give us a call today!

Deep carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning rely on agitation and super heated water to extract dirt and grime, but some fabrics can be ruined in this manner. Rayon and microfiber rugs require the delicate, low moisture processes that are used during dry carpet cleaning so they maintain their shape, and their soft feel. The other types of treatments are too aggressive and will only shorten the life of your delicate flooring materials. Our London dry carpet cleaners have been trained to evaluate your carpets at a glance so they can apply the appropriate cleaning solutions and techniques and they will never over or under-treat your expensive flooring materials. Our clients have been gracious enough to share their thoughts about our well informed employees and attentive service on our review page.

If it has been a while since you`ve had your carpets professionally cared for, its time to request the most effective dry carpet and dry upholstery cleaning in London. You can reach us anytime, we offer weekend and evening appointments as well. You may call us on 020 3746 2550 anytime, and one of our friendly representatives will be glad to provide assistance. You may also request free quotes online here.